Alterkind is the new way of doing graphics and post production, designed by Angélique Georges, Daniel De Graaf and Isaiah King.

From three countries with three complimentary backgrounds, we bring a fresh perspective. Above all else, we are collaborators. Our team integrates within yours throughout any and all stages of production. We believe a thoughtful, cohesive aesthetic vision should run through a project from start to finish. When you work with us you get the combined experience of our creative directors plus the expertise of our flexible band of animators, designers, editors, composers, artists and misfits. 

All of our projects are treated with the same level of care, regardless of their size. We’ve had great experiences working with small independent production teams as well as the big guys like HBO, Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Vice, TIME and CNN to name a few. Our goal is to tell stories with powerful visuals and help elevate brands through our specialized suite of techniques we’ve developed over the years.

Daniel De Graaf

For more than a decade, Dan has been producing award winning design and animation packages for documentary TV & Film. Dan’s work and direction often extends beyond the conventional duties of the graphic artist : whether it’s collaborating with cinematographers and directors on in-camera work, or integrating with editorial teams in post production thereafter, Dan’s technical command and know-how of the entire production process has consistently ensured that wild ideas become reality. Dan is also a member of the NY Local 829 Scenic Artist Union, where he creates original motion graphics and video work for network dramas and feature films. He has been nominated for 7 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Title Design, and has won 5.

Angélique Georges

Hailing from Australia, Angélique moved to New York City in 2013. Having worked with some incredible talents in the film, television and advertising industries she has enjoyed a wealth of experiences in her career. From Film Post Houses and Advertising Agencies in Sydney, to Documentary Production Companies and Advertising Post Houses in New York, to becoming an independent freelance artist joining teams all over the city.

She is passionate about merging traditional set design, prop styling and hand-made elements with the digital sorcery of 2D animation and motion graphics. A stickler for good storytelling that doesn’t rely on too many bells-and-whistles, she loves a well-made thriller movie and stories that feature strong and/or hilarious women.

Isaiah King

Isaiah has been working within the arts industry his entire adult life. Raised in a rural artist community in Ontario, Canada, he developed an appreciation for craft and creative discipline at a young age. 

His path led him to New York City where he has worked as a designer, animator, art director and an exhibiting artist for over a decade. A love of film and animation has focused his work over time, leading to motion graphics collaborations with top production companies and agencies in New York.

Isaiah’s work draws on everything from German Expressionism to punk rock gig posters. He strives to combine art, design and film to create bold, memorable and expressive visual story-telling.

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