Billion Dollar Babies

The True Story Of The Cabbage Patch Kids

With spending money in parents’ wallets, the end of the early ‘80s recession was the perfect time for the Cabbage Patch Kids to debut. Each soft, cuddly Kid, “born” with a unique name, appearance and adoption certificate, engaged the hearts of countless children, and became a media sensation. They initiated a collecting frenzy, bred Black Friday mayhem, inspired knockoffs and generated billions of dollars in a time before anyone could imagine a shopping trip to K-Mart culminating with a bloody nose and a call to the police.

We worked with Andrew Jenks’ and the team at Believe Entertainment to build a suite of graphics to help illustrate this saga of modern American consumerism, from its folk art origins to mass production, from Appalachian craft fairs to big box stores, from TV movies to inevitable flameout. The film is having its’ premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.


Creative Directors: Daniel de Graaf, Angelique Georges, Isaiah King

Design: Angelique Georges, Daniel de Graaf

Animation: Daniel de Graaf, Angelique Georges, Isaiah King, Andrea Schmitz

Production Credits

Director: Andrew Jenks

Producer: Dan Goodman, Brian Hunt

Production Companies: Believe Entertainment Group, NBCUniversal Syndication Studios

Cinematographer: Alex Cullen

Editors: Joe Vele, Brandon Faris, AMPeters

Key Cast: Neil Patrick Harris