Crime Scene Seasons 1 & 2

Memory & Murder

Our work for Joe Berlinger’s Crime Scene series takes an impressionistic approach to telling stories from the past. Using seamlessly interwoven layers of both archival and newly created footage and photography, we create textural scenes that elevate beyond the traditional means of exhibiting archival material in docuseries. We have created over 130 sequences across seasons 1 and 2, many that explore abstract concepts like mental illness and fragmented memory, but also scenes that exhibit fresh depictions of historical events, times, and places. 


Series Graphics by Alterkind

Creative Direction & Design Lead: Daniel de Graaf & Isaiah King

Animation: Daniel de Graaf, Isaiah King, Ryan Frost, Chris King, Igor Latukhin & Jorge Duran

Accolades: Season 1  & 2 premiered with a  2 week run in Netflix Top 10