Flavourworks/TouchVideo Logo


What do you see?

A thumb print, a maze an “f” and a “t.” It’ll all there, and it speaks to the genre-bending, London creative studio who is merging film and gaming into new interactive experiences. Flavourworks kept us wonderfully challenged as we developed a brand mark for an industry that is defining itself in real time.

We used in-depth conversations with Flavourworks and competitor analysis as a foundation for our brand research. Much brain-storming, sketching, and iterating went into nailing down the logos for both their parent brand and their tech platform (Touchvideo) before we moved in to motion design and production.


Creative Directors: Isaiah King & Daniel de Graaf

Designers: Anna Francescutti, Gam Dhliwayo, Isaiah King and Daniel de Graaf

Animation: Chris King and Daniel de Graaf