Significant Productions Logo


This is Significant.

Nina Yang Bongiovi requested our services for updating and refreshing the branding of her joint studio with Forest Whitaker, Significant Productions.  The duo founded Significant back in 2010 with the aim of focusing on diversity in front of and behind the camera: ” Championing inclusive stories as wells as diverse talent and creators is in our DNA, and creating cultural impact is our brand.”

We spent over 6 months closely collaborating and brainstorming with Nina and her team, meticulously defining and capturing the essence of Significant in a unique mark. After designing the calligraphic S and the iterative logomark layouts, we proceeded with a live-action 6K capturing of the mark inking on paper.

We are ecstatic that this collaboration with Signifcant, a unique, tasteful, and human take on the film vanity card, will head all of their upcoming new film and television productions.



Branding by Alterkind

Creative Direction & Design Lead: Daniel de Graaf & Isaiah King

Animation: Daniel de Graaf, Isaiah King, Angélique Georges

Cinematography: Andrei Zakow

Calligraphy: Naoko Saito